Code Of Conduct Rules For FOF

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Code Of Conduct Rules For FOF

Post  Admin on Tue May 24, 2011 2:30 pm

Rule 1. Back Up All Your Clan mates.
Rule 2. No Swearing Or Being Mean To Your Clan mates.
Rule 3. If You Get in a Fight With A Non Clan member try To Avoid it. Or Mute him. If He Keeps Going Get Your Clan mates To Join in. And Help.
Rule 4. Do Not Team Kill. Try Not To. If It's An Accident Then. It Happens. But if not Try Not to Team kill.
Rule 5. Were not Forcing you to Change Your Gamer tag. To FOF In It. Just Put Your Clan Tag. As It,
Rule 6. Try To Conclude All Clan members To Games.
Rule 7. If You Want To Recruit Players To FOF You Will Have To Speak To (xxx GHOST ooo) Or (DeathAdder99).
Rule 8. Try To Keep Up to Date With The Forums. And Game.
Rule 9. Don't Start Fights With Any Clan members.
Rule 10. If You Would Like Any One Booted From The Clan Please Talk To (xxx GHOST ooo) Or (DeathAdder9

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